ApplauS Dance - unique dance performances atelier

ApplauS Dance is a place where everyone becomes part of the world of dancing being guided and helped by experienced choreographers. We believe the right stimulus is the feeling of performing in front of your friends, surprising and amazing your audience.

Imagine dance lessons where you practise your choreography based on the dance style you love, the number of hours you can spent, the number of dance performers and the intensity that suits you best. During practise you will feel the magic of dancing - your body movements, your deep down desires mixed with the choreographers' ideas. You have reached the right place! Those of you who want to prove that a dance performance is possible with minimal/no dance experience, with limited time for preparation. Those of you willing to celebrate or honor significant events in their lives or those of you who want to be dance stars even for a couple of minutes.

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Promoting dance as the way to express yourself in public

It is an old myth that only people who started dancing at the age of 5 and completed numerous dance classes are capable of dancing. What does it take to learn to dance? A good teacher and the right stimulus. Here you fan find teachers who give their best. What could be more motivating than applause from the audience? Enchant your audience - make a concert in the park or a unforgettable wedding or just make your dreams come true!

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